Stately Ceramics started from a simple curiosity: what would the state of Arkansas look like in three dimensions, with radial symmetry? Our founder, Ryan, was in the middle of a doctorate in theoretical chemistry and studying the intrinsic symmetries of molecules at the time. On a map, most state shapes don’t have any symmetry whatsoever. Ryan wondered how to create a symmetrical, 3D version of Arkansas that would still preserve its unique shape.

The first models were cut from scrap cardboard. But these rough models were good enough to prove we were onto something!

After perfecting every aspect of the 3D state shape and designing an elegant handle, the Stately Arkansas Mug was the product that launched Stately Ceramics. Following the success of the beautiful and first-of-its-kind Arkansas mug, we are now developing a variety of ceramic products for other states. What’s your Stately state?